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Tax Season Info


Important dates:
January 4th - January 15th - Personal tax organizers (information requests and checklists) for all returning clients distributed
January 4th - January 11th – Business engagement letters containing information requests sent out
January 7th - January 27th - Personal tax organizers (information requests) for all new clients distributed
January 20th - All information return data (W-2's, 1099's, 1098's, nanny payroll, etc.) due to BOK Accounting
January 28th - IRS starts accepting returns
January 31st - All information forms from payers (W-2's, 1099's, 1098's, etc.) due to recipients AND to government agencies
February 15th - Business tax information due to BOK Accounting for all partnerships and S-corporations
March 15th -
Personal property returns due to their respective counties
S-corporation and partnership returns and extensions due
C-corporation tax information due to BOK Accounting
March 22nd - (this is an entire week later than all prior years - as a result we will adhere strictly to this date when considering extensions)
Individual tax information due to BOK Accounting
April 15th -
Individual returns and C-corporations and extensions due
First quarterly installment due for calendar year taxpayers
New Portals and Organizer Process!!
One of the biggest changes you will see this year is the implementation of a new portal and information gathering system. This system will be much more user-friendly and allow you to access and sign engagement letters, documents, completed returns, invoices, and client requests all in one place. In addition, we will no longer be utilizing web organizers. Client and staff feedback has told us that these aren't heavily utilized or loved, and can be redundant and frustrating in many cases. Instead, you will have an organizer and document checklist available on your portal to assist you in gathering and providing information. The organizers can be completed using a fillable .pdf program or manually and will have the same valuable prior year information to help guide you as always. You can easily upload completed organizers to your portal or bring them to your client appointment. We will be keeping your old portals for the next couple of months as we work on securely moving all of the important documents to the new location. If we assist you with both business and personal tax matters, you may have a separate portal login for each. Please look for an invite to your new secure portal to come soon!
Individual Tax Return Clients
As of January 15th, all tax organizers will be distributed for returning clients within the Action Items folder of your portal. Action items will be housed inside the Tax Year folders. Organizers for clients newly engaged for the 2018 tax season should be distributed by January 28th if requested setup information has been provided to us. If you have not received your .pdf organizer (or paper format if requested) by the applicable date, please contact our office immediately and we will make sure to get another one out to you right away. If you have any issues at all either accessing or using the Organizer, portal, or other areas of our website, we are here to help make it the best experience possible. Towards the end of the month, we will send out answers to Frequently Asked Questions as applicable.
To ensure a timely return, complete and accurate tax return information is due in our office on or before March 22, 2019. If information is received after this date, your return will be extended. We are giving everyone an extra week to provide information to us given many documents become available to you on 3/15. As a result, we will strictly adhere to the extension policy. Extensions do not increase examination risk and have in fact been found to lower it due to the fact that more accurate and thorough returns can be produced. To schedule an appointment to meet with us, please visit and use the blue ‘Book Now’ button on the home page. Please remember that onsite appointments are completely optional. Web and phone consultations are also available. If you are simply dropping off information, you may do that anytime during front office hours of operation which are Monday-Friday, 9am-4:30pm. We love to see your smiling faces, but also have many options for you to provide us your data remotely if this is more convenient. It is very important to us to have open communication with all of our clients and make the information gathering process as smooth as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
Business Tax Return Clients
You should be receiving an engagement letter containing an information request. If you have not received anything by next week, please contact our office. We recommend that all new business clients schedule an appointment in our office or by phone if needed. Information for calendar year S-corporations and partnerships (including LLCs or PCs taxed as either entity type) is due in our office on or before February 15, 2019. Information for C-corporations (including LLCs taxed as C-corporations) is due in our office on or before March 15, 2019. If information is received after these respective dates, it is likely your return will be extended. Please note that when a business return is extended, this often leads to an extension of the individual shareholder/member returns as well. If you are unsure of your filing type or the information you need to provide, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
Web Organizers and Return Filing/Delivery
We want to thank you so much for using our portal system and data upload area within the secure client portal. We are thrilled to be able to offer you multiple ways of gathering and providing your data to fit your needs. Exchanging sensitive data via the portals is the best way to go. Please remember to never email documents with sensitive information without password-protecting them first. You can print your organizer directly from your portal. If you want a paper copy of your organizer mailed to you for completion, please contact our office right away.
We are mandated by federal law to e-file all current tax returns unless a particular exception is met. When your individual return is completed, you will sign in one of two ways. 1.) If we have valid and unique (applies to jointly filed returns) e-mail addresses on file for you, you will receive an e-signature request. 2.) Otherwise, you will receive a form (Form 8879/8453 series) to sign that authorizes us to file your return electronically on your behalf. Note: E-signature capabilities for business returns are not yet authorized by the IRS. Consistent with changes that occurred last year, you will also be required to verify your bank information at this time. All business returns signers will use the 8879/8453 series. We file your return upon receiving both the signed form and payment for services. In addition, as part of our paperless initiative, we deliver the client copies of your returns to your secure client portal. This is a convenient and secure location for you to access your tax returns 24/7 whenever you need them without having to request a copy from our office. If you would still like a paper copy of your return, please let us know in advance when you provide us your tax data. Paper copies will incur a $25 per return charge. Return copies posted to your portal are free. Please note that because we typically bill tax services upon completion, invoices are due upon receipt and will incur late charges if not paid within 10 days of receipt unless arrangements are made with our office. This year, you should expect to see minor fee increases due to additional training we must incur as a result of voluminous tax changes as well as the vast experience and knowledge of our staff. We take our professional relationship with you and value we provide very seriously and must ensure that we have all of the tools and expertise at hand to properly advise you. In order to keep up with increasing vendor costs and provide the same expert, quality, attentive service you are used to, price increases are sometimes a necessary step.
Personal Property Returns
Personal Property Returns are due to their respective counties on March 15, 2019. Most businesses will receive these forms in the mail this week if they have not been received already. If you haven’t completed yours and need assistance, please let us know as soon as possible. We provide this service and if you are a tax or accounting client, can easily produce an asset report to assist with the preparation.
Information Return/Payroll Year-End Tasks
While we leave most of the payroll tasks to our trusted payroll partners, we are also available for assistance with certain year-end information returns payroll forms. In the past, we have assisted many of you with the preparation of 1098/1099 forms as well as W-2’s for those clients with household employees or who are not utilizing Paychex. For Paychex clients, W-2 and 1099 processing is part of your service for all employees and vendors who you pay through regular payroll. We have sent out separate correspondence on this service that includes a template we use to prepare these forms. Should you have any questions, please contact our office as soon as possible.
Firm Personnel
We are incredibly excited about the continuity, experience, and energy of our staff this year! Please know we are all committed to making sure you have the best client experience possible.
Please see our website for updated staff profiles soon to come!
Mamta Sahita is our amazing Tax and Accounting Manager. Mamta joined us almost two years ago and has been a heavy contributor since day one. She has a great attention to detail and executes all of her work with a high level of analysis and articulation. Mamta has a background as a finance analyst with diverse experience in both accounting and financial analysis across industries. She has excellent skills in the areas of problem solving, financial analysis, building strong business partnerships and process/ project management. Mamta has a Master’s in Accounting and is an active CPA in Oregon. In her free time, she loves going on hikes and playing board/card games with her family. She also really enjoys cooking. We know you will enjoy your interactions with Mamta as much as we do!
Ryan Willett is our highly competent contracting Senior Associate. Ryan has been with us for 1 1/2 years and has been involved with many of our tax and accounting projects throughout that time. He has demonstrated many important skills including a high degree of efficiency and vast tax technical knowledge. Ryan brings many years of tax preparation with him as well as a Master's in Accounting and an active CPA license. In his free time, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and children, participating in recreational sports, and traveling abroad. Ryan is looking forward to more client interaction this year.
Michele Ewer is our incredibly valued office manager. Michele joined us this time last year and spent a good amount of time training during last tax season. Michele is an eager learner and assists with correspondence, intake, deliverables, and billing. Michele puts forth a great amount of effort to adhere to deadlines, getting to know our clients, and has a unique calm about her as well as a wonderful sense of humor. She will be assisting with our paperless initiatives, general office responsibilities, and keeping our flow of communication throughout the tax season as smooth and prompt as possible. Since the fall, Michele has had complete ownership of the office manager position and we couldn't be more thrilled with how she handles it all.
We have two regular receptionists who serve the entire shared Suite 230. Rachel and Damara are kind, professional, and knowledgeable about the center and will be able to answer most general questions you have. If you have been in to the office, you have likely interacted with either of both of them. They are authorized to accept drop-offs of paperwork and to take care of documents waiting to be picked up if pick-up has been pre-arranged (proper ID is always required). Any detailed questions should be directed to one of our dedicated staff. The receptionists are not responsible for either scheduling or taking payments, but they can take a detailed message and pass it on securely for our handling.
Josh Gates will continue assisting us with all of our operational and information solution needs. Josh has always assisted our practice with many of our support and communication efforts He will continue his active role in operations as well as technology, system, and process support. We are forever grateful to have Josh's extensive expertise and know if you get the chance to interact with him, you will feel the same!
I, Bradi Knight Gates, am in my 18th year of being a Certified Public Accountant and my 26th year of working in a tax and/or accounting capacity. No need to do the math =). I am proud and humbled to be celebrating the 11th anniversary of BOK Accounting. I strive to make each one of our clients feel valued as both a person and a client by providing exceptional service. I am grateful to be able to interact with each and every one of you and am so very thankful for the opportunities you have all given me to provide value to your financial life in this ever-changing tax and accounting world. I look forward to continuing our professional relationship for many years to come!
Cheers to another great tax season!
Important: A copy of this newsletter and other important information including updated rates will be both posted on our website.